Arial Film & Photography

Film and photography using drones is truly raising the standard. We can shoot and deliver photography  and tailored 180 or 360 degree panoramic video footage shot in 4K resolution, all In consultation with your company to achieve a desired footage to suit your brand.

2D & 3D Mapping

High detail photogrammetry survey data can be provided for better decision making. We offer high level accuracy of data, fast delivery and turnaround times. We fly GPS guided UAVs (unmanned Arial Vehicle) aircraft allowing us to safely inspect, map and survey your site.
We can provide your site:

  • Geo-referenced digital surface models (DSM)

  • Digital elevations model (DEM)

  • Digital terrain models

  • Contour map generation

DRONE roof 

inspections, measurements & reports

RTW Specialises in Asbestos. We employ drone technology for roofs which to assist in inspections, mapping and arial photography. The use of drones enables us to mitigate the risk of asbestos exposure and the risk of falls from heights while providing you the client with accurate, detailed condition reports, photo, video and mapping products.


Aerial perspectives are an effective visual communication tool when conveying the benefits of a project to its stakeholders.Hover UAV can:

  • Enables you to visualise in real time first person view

  • Future perspective views for high rise developments – Footage can be taken from exact heights and GPS positions

  • Panoramic 360 or 180 degree views

  • High quality 4K Video footage

  • Professional editing with tailor your footage to reflect your company’s personality and brand.

  • Inhouse services 

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